Kamut Spaghetti Pasta
Kamut Spaghetti Pasta
Kamut Spaghetti Pasta
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Kamut Spaghetti Pasta


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9 servings per container. 

Main Highlights
Certified Organic
Single Origin
Ancient Grain
Artisanal Approach
454 Grams

Kamut is a nutritious, single origin ancient grain originating thousands of years ago in the Middle East, also known as Khorasan wheat. The grain is twice the size of modern day wheat, and is known for its rich and nutty flavor. To make it into spaghetti, the grain is stone-ground in high altitudes, mixed with mountain spring water and then artisanally bronze-cut. This is the best quality pasta in the world.


Kamut is rich in fiber, protein (14g for every 100g) and minerals like selenium, vitamin E and zinc. Thanks to its low glycemic index, it creates a slow release of sustained energy and supports healthy digestion.


Single origin kamut flour slowly stoneground then mixed with mountain mineral water.

Nutrition Label

Nutrition Facts Servings: 8, Serv. Size: 2oz (56g), Amount Per Serving: Calories 200 , Total Fat 1g (1% DV), Sat. Fat 0g (0% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 0g (0% DV), Total Carb. 38g (14% DV), Dietary Fiber 2g (7% DV), Total Sugars 2g (Incl. 0g Added Sugars, 0% DV), Protein 7g, Vit. D 0mcg (0% DV), Calcium 20mg (2% DV), Iron 1mg (6% DV), Potas. 130mg (2% DV).




Once you've tried this excellent spaghetti you'll never change. You can't find better flavor, texture and nutrition any where.

What is Inside


This single origin kamut grain is slowly stone-ground then mixed by our Italian pasta-artisans with mountain mineral water in pristine air in high altitudes. It's then bronze cut to allow all sauces and oils to hold and stick better to the pasta. 

Flavor Profile

The Kamut Khorasan Wheat pasta offers you a traditional yet unique taste, with hints of pine and macadamia nuts and a delicate floral and nutty fragrance. 

Kamut, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Kamut grain originated in Western Asia, but came to North America from Egypt after World War II. The ancient grain is dating back thousands of years and remains pure and untouched to this day. South Saskatchewan has the perfect climate and soil conditions for Kamut to thrive in temperate climate without too much rain, where it's farmed organically to ensure only the highest quality. 

How to Use

- Dr Smood recommends to heat up water in a pot on the stove till it reaches boiling temperature. 

- Add coarse salt to the water before adding the pasta (1 pound of pasta = 1 tablespoon of salt in 4 liters of water). 

- Cook for 10 minutes or until you get your preferred texture. 

- Stir the pasta in the pot while cooking to make sure the pasta is seperated. 

- Disregard the water and let the pasta cool for 2 minutes before enjoying.