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Our mission is to offer clean, nutritious and flavorful everyday essentials to the world. Dr Smood is here to guide you on your journey to absolute health and wellbeing.

Commitment to Flavor

We bring you the best-tasting foods made from the cleanest and most nutrient-rich ingredients on Earth. With passion and creativity, our award-winning chef and nutritional experts create delicious and flavorful foods that ensure maximum bioavailability. We are inspired by the idea that eating well is the simplest and most effective way to improve one’s health, wellbeing and mood.

"Probably The Healthiest Food In The World"

Our recipes are formulated to deliver maximum nutritional value and give you peace of mind with every bite.

Commitment to Sourcing

We only offer products that are certified organic and plant-based. Our food is made with ingredients that are planted and grown with responsible and ethical practices, and harvested at peak season.

We live in a time where mass production and commercial farming has made growing crops in depleted soil, spraying pesticides and using toxic GMOs a common practice, all to increase profit. We prioritize health, purity, and sustainability while sourcing certified organic ingredients from the most pristine, fertile regions on Earth.

We promise to always source the cleanest ingredients in order to create products that will bring you joy and help you pursue your everyday purpose.

Science & Research

We are constantly seeking knowledge through research and looking for new ways to harness the natural power of our ingredients. At the core of our efforts there is a team of nutrition experts who apply cutting-edge research to guarantee the highest quality and the most effective alchemy between ingredients and processes. We start with the world’s best ingredients and through our approach and our culinary techniques we make even more potent and powerful foods for daily enjoyment.

We do food that makes you feel good

The Mood System

The food we eat can be a major mood-influencer. In order to understand the benefits of our offerings, we have created a system of 6 moods, each featuring a category of health-benefits that can be found in our products.

Our Smood System can guide your choice of product based on the mood you are in, or the one you wish to be in; boosting your immune system, enhancing beauty-related functions, cleansing, increasing protein intake, or boosting your energy and performance.

Each mood is represented by a color. Choose a color below for more info on each mood and browse the products that comprise each category.

Choose Your Mood


Refers to products with medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain a strong immune system. In addition to sleep and physical activity, vitamins and minerals from citrus fruits (eg Vitamin C), roots (eg Curcumin) and certain vegetables (eg Vitamin E) are crucial in boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Nutrition and science are the cornerstones of Dr Smood’s approach to a healthy lifestyle. Experience wellness with us.

The Nutrition Expert

Ester Ben Zion is a health-food alchemist and lifestyle coach with decades of experience in nutrition and wellness. Ester is a founding member of the Dr Smood team and has been leading the Research and Development department since the companys' birth in 2014.

Over her career, she has helped thousands of people reach their various health-related goals, including weight loss, a healthier lifestyle or a stronger, more vital spiritual and emotional life. In the process, she has become South Florida’s most admired and respected detox and cleansing expert.

Nutrition and science are the cornerstones of Dr Smood’s approach to a healthy lifestyle. Experience wellness with us.

The Award Winning Chef

We are thrilled to have the award-winning chef Matteo Ugolotti as a member of our team. Matteo originates from the small town of Parma, Italy, where his culinary career began in the 90s. After 20 years of experience in the Italy’s best restaurants, including a two Michelin-star awarded one, he ventured to open his own establishments in Italy and Denmark, which soon became among the most sought after in both countries. In 2018 he joined Dr Smood, and has since contributed to formulating mouthwatering recipes and products that are elevating any dish, snack or meal to a memorable experience.

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