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  • Guilt-Free Pasta

  • Crafted by Italian Pasta Artisans & Master Chefs

    • - Ancient Grain Pastas
    • - Handcrafted Plant-Based Sauces
    • - Award-Winning Olive Oils
  • Guilt-Free Pasta

  • Crafted by Nutritionists & Master Chefs

  • Sprouted Butter Heaven

  • Organic, Hand-Picked, Sprouted, Stone-Ground Nuts

  • Sprouted Butter Heaven

  • Organic, Hand-Picked, Stone-Ground

  • Power Of Matcha

  • Award-Winning Ceremonial Grade Matcha

    Grown in Volcanic Soil in Kagoshima, Japan

  • Power Of Matcha

  • Award-Winning Ceremonial Matcha
  • The Smart Bar

  • Plant-Based, Gluten-Free, Raw, Nutritious & Delicious

    • - 12g of Plant Protein
    • - 14g of Fiber
    • - Probiotics & MCT Oil

  • The Smart Bar

  • Plant-Based, Raw, Nutritious & Delicious

A World of "Smart Food"

We define it as Clean, Nutritious & Delicious food that has been formulated with a Purpose

"The Smart Bars are my GO-TO pre and post workout. They taste amaaaazing and they are the most clean energy boosts"

Nicole G. (Trainer)

"The taste of the extra virgin olive oils gave me goosebumps and brought me back to childhood.The pastas are incredible. Won't eat any other"

Claudio C. (Restaurateur)

"I had to try the cashew butter on a spoon... It is pure heaven!! I will definitely be needing another order soon!"

Julie S. (Chef)


Always Certified Organic 

Because quality and process matter

Always Plant-Based

Because it is better for you and the planet

Always Nutritious 

Because nutrients are the fuel for your body

Unforgettable Taste

Because no one should have to sacrifice on flavor

Live The SMOOD Life

Our Nutritionists and Award-Winning Chefs have one goal, and that is to combine health and flavor using only the best quality ingredients to increase peak performance and a healthy mind and body.