Meet Christian Nimand Jansen, Head of Nutrition at Dr Smood


“We want to set the tone for what’s healthy at Dr Smood, but stay faithful to what true food is and what scientific evidence shows.”

Head of Nutrition, Dr Smood

Meet the man from the Dr Smood team who makes sure that everything on our certified organic menu is nutritionally optimized and utilizes the latest in food science to create the ultimate performance foods. As part of Dr Smood’s Research & Development, Head of Nutrition Christian Nimand Jansen, designs (from conception, creation to execution) the latest products on our performance menu. He tests everything from dairy-free sauces, raw vegan pastries to the perfect salad combination to make sure the are nutritionally optimized for the highest levels of nutrients, bioavailability, and of course, taste.

“We want to set the tone for what’s healthy at Dr Smood, but stay faithful to what true food is and what scientific evidence shows,” says Jansen. “We don’t just make a dairy-free yogurt because we want to make money or it is trendy; we make it because we believe there is a nutritional purpose behind it.”

And Jansen goes beyond the nutrition label and counting micronutrients. He is all about using whole food sources to get nutrients.

“There is a difference between reading the nutrition label and the ingredient label. Both are important, but the ingredient label is in many cases more important than the nutrition label because you want to avoid additives, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors; you want to see that you are eating real, whole foods.”

Learn more about nutritionist Christian Nimand Jansen and what he’s cooking up at Dr Smood.

Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Denmark, a bit north of Copenhagen. Growing up, I played a lot of competitive sport, so I have always had a natural interest in nutrition and physiology. After high school I spent 4 months in Peru, teaching English and coaching youth soccer teams through a volunteer program.

I also have a background as a tennis, physical, and nutrition coach for elite level tennis players which focused on increased performance output through exercise routines and optimal nutrition. At the other end of the spectrum, I had clients dealing with lifestyle/nutritional issues and diseases, which is where I really have a big passion in trying to help people regain and maintain healthy habits.

What is your culinary/nutrition background?

The time I spent abroad really sparked my interest in coaching and personal development, which lead me to study my Bachelor’s degree in Global Nutrition & Health. During my studies, a big part was not only the science behind the food but also how to practically implement healthy choices, so cooking classes were a big part of my studying years. I truly believe most people have a good sense of what foods are healthier than others but if you don’t have the tools, knowledge or accessibility, it’s very difficult to change unhealthy patterns and routines.

When did your interest in cooking and/or nutrition begin?

Growing up being very active, I actually ate rather unhealthy and it wasn’t until I was around 15 or 16 years old I got into nutrition. I got a job in a local gym and quickly realized that nutrition and physiology was quite interesting. I took basic instructor and nutrition courses which were great but I felt they only scratched the surface about the complexity of nutrition and food science.

I’m an “either/or” type of person, so I knew that I would need to get dig deeper and get nerdier. What’s fascinating about health and nutrition, is that we’ll probably never truly know what’s right for each and every individual. There are so many factors playing in to people’s health and physical/mental wellbeing, which are all connected and that’s what intrigues me so much about this field.

How did you begin working with Dr Smood?

While studying I met the founder, René Sindlev, in the very early idea and test stages of Dr Smood back in Denmark. It was very clear that we shared the same vision about what impact food can have and how important it is to eat nutritious un-processed food. With the lack of fast-casual clean and healthy café pretty much anywhere in the world, it was a no-brainer for me to join and be part of this amazing team and concept. Within a few months, I moved to Miami where we opened the very first café in December 2015.

What about Dr Smood drew you in or appealed to you?

The clear mission of creating organic, wholesome and unprocessed food without any shortcuts, was what really sealed the deal for me. It’s a very long and complicated process to create even the “simplest” product, as we basically need to create and conceptualize every single component since we make everything in our own commissary kitchens and cafes. The challenge and integrity of this is unlike anything else I’ve been part of and also what made me want to do this every day.

What is your favorite item at Dr Smood?
I’m a big fan of drinking a green juice daily along with a Chia Pudding or Wild Caught Salmon Performance Sandwich.

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