Dr Smood Launches the Best Coffee in the World. Canned.


“We approached this cold brew with thoughtfulness and intention. We sourced the freshest most vibrant certified organic coffee on the market and then coupled that with the perfect roast and world class brewing methods.”

Director of Coffee

For months, our coffee team led by Dr Smood’s in-house, award-winning roast master Andrew Oberholzer has been carefully and meticulously working to bring you the best coffee in the world - canned and now on-the-go. 

Our brand new, beautifully precision brewed canned cold brew coffee uses the best beans in the world: Certified organic, single origin Peru Finca La Florida coffee beans. These beans are sourced from the Selva Central region of Peru, cultivated at an altitude of 1100-1800 meters above sea level (masl). Caturra, Typica,and Bourbon varieties are used for this single origin canned cold brew, harvested from March through September.

This exceptional canned cold brew is like no other. Within the coffee industry, cold brew is notoriously known for being the place to bury your aging coffees. But we have nothing to hide. A cold-pressed process creates a clean brew with absolutely zero bitterness, from first to last sip. It’s refreshingly light, with a creamy body and notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, and ripe cherry.

The combination of our best-in-class beans and cutting edge brewing process allows us to produce a cold brew that is sweet, clean, and balanced without any hint of bitterness. Our canned cold brew (just like our cold-pressed juices) is never ever heated. Many companies heat process their canned cold brews to extend the shelf life, which changes the coffee profile. This heat process causes coffee to lose its ‘vibrancy,’ making it flat or ‘one-note.’  But these never heated coffees show the purest expression of our vision to have the best cold brew in the world.

And unlike other canned cold brews, the lack of sediment and particles also allows for a much longer shelf life than traditional homemade cold brew - so you can enjoy your luxurious coffee experience for longer.

We never compromise on quality and neither should you: Whether you enjoy this exceptional canned cold brew on-the-go or at your home or office, every last drop will be an experience to remember.