The World's Best Coffee at Dr Smood is Now Even Better


“Bringing our coffee program in-house is the next logical step in the evolution of Dr Smood.” 

- Andrew Oberholzer, Director of Coffee

The best coffee in the world just got even better: Introducing Dr Smood’s certified organic, seasonally sourced, meticulously roasted in-house, and precision brewed coffee by our award-winning roaster, Andrew Oberholzer. 

Dr Smood’s certified organic coffee program is renowned for its drip coffee, espresso, specialty beverages and signature dairy-free housemade nut mylks. The core elements of our coffee program include our emblematic shade grown and low-acidity certified organic coffee beans, sourced from the finest growing coffee regions in the world from farms in Peru and Guatemala.

We chose these countries for two reasons: First, based on what was freshest and seasonal. Then flavor and quality. At Dr Smood, we purchase only the freshest green coffee and utilize it while at its peak quality. 

“The beautiful thing about coffee is that it seasonality varies around the world too. With careful planning it is always possible to have a fresh, vibrant coffees on our menu,” says Oberholzer.

Under the expertise and knowledge of decorated roast master Oberholzer and our nutrition team, these certified organic Peruvian and Guatemalan beans were roasted in-house at our New York City roastery using the world’s most environmentally-friendly machine.

Traditional gas-powered coffee roasters produce smoke, particulates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With over 8 billion pounds of coffee roasted per year in the U.S. alone, the harmful effects of traditional roasting methods on our planet are not sustainable.

Through clean technology, the revolutionary Bellwether Roaster (what we use at Dr Smood) removes particulates and VOCs from the roasting process. Air that exits the Bellwether Roaster during a roast is cleaner than the air going in, reducing the carbon footprint of roasting by an average of 90%. 

Finally, our roasted coffee is precision ground and brewed to perfection at our cafes for a curated cup of coffee every single time. 

Whether you take your Dr Smood coffee black or made with our housemade nut mylks, you will get a curated cup of specialty coffee always. Our coffees were also selected and roasted  so that they pair well with our popular dairy-free, certified organic nut mylks (cashew, almond, hawaj and coconut). When paired with our mylks, the new espresso offers notes of graham crackers, toasted almond and crème brûlée with absolutely no bitterness.

Our newly calibrated certified organic cold brew uses these coarsely ground, best-in-class beans on a Mahlkonig EK43. It is cold-steeped for 24-hours in a chilled and refrigerated room. It’s a slow process that yields bigger body along with a sweetness and depth of flavor that is hard to find. Most cold brews can lack complexity or be “one-note” - this one is not.

“Everything about these coffees is intentional. From the way they were sourced and roasted to the way they are brewed in our cafes. We put so much care and love into R&D and the food menu curation for our cafes. I was inspired by that. I want to put the same love and care into our coffee program. Bringing our coffee program in house is the next logical step in the evolution of Dr Smood,” says Oberholzer.




Our drip coffee comes from the Quezaltepeque region in Guatemala, from the fertile soils of ADISQUE Organic HB farm. These certified organic beans, using a washed process, were cultivated at an altitude of 1400-1650  meters above sea level (masl). Varietals include, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and Anacafe beans, harvested from October - February. This coffee is known for its integrated sparkling acidity that pairs well with notes of caramelized brown sugar, red apple, and an extremely clean finish.


This certified organic espresso coffee hails from the Selva Central region of Peru from Finca La Florida. It is cultivated at an altitude of 1100-1800 meters above sea level (masl). Caturra, Typica,and Bourbon beans were used for this single origin blend, harvest from March through September. This washed and sun-dried coffee was selected for its muted acidity and round body and sweet with notes of ripe fig and graham cracker.