Meet Dr Smood's R&D Team


“Our goal is to bring the healthiest, unprocessed, all-organic food to the world. And of course, have it taste beyond delicious.”

- Dr Smood Research & Development  

Dr Smood engineered a culinary dream team to craft the most craveworthy, all-organic performance foods in the world. The recipe for the ultimate Research & Development team at Dr Smood is two parts chef (one dash fine dining having led the kitchens at Michelin-starred restaurants and one pinch plant-based) and one part in-house nutritionist.

Together, world-class Chef Matteo Ugolotti, plant-based creator Reina Yacabell, and nutritionist Christian Nimand Jansen unite to develop the most powerful, 100% certified organic, dairy-free and science backed performance foods the world has seen.

“To take something like a plant-based meat alternative and make it beneficial for you like our Spicy Eggplant Jerky while maintaining its mouthwatering flavor, texture, and taste like we do at Dr Smood requires creativity, culinary skill, nutritional knowledge, and experience working with plant-based foods that goes beyond what most “healthy” food chains and cafe concepts offer,” says Jansen.

Chef Ugolotti brings years of Michelin-starred restaurant experience from some of the most lauded kitchens in the world like Parizzi, Ambasciata Ristorante, and Ai Due Platani.

“I had the chance to know the best ingredients from all over the world and I learned how to work with them with simplicity. And that simplicity is key that I want to carry on and put into the Dr Smood, using techniques that don’t alter the natural taste of the food so that we can keep the organoleptic quality and guarantee the authenticity of the food,” says Ugolotti.

Vegan chef Reina Yacabell has been working with plant-based cooking for many years. She believes that plant-based foods can still be mouthwatering and craveable. Vegans and vegetarians will delight in Yacabell’s innovative menu –and carnivores won’t miss the meat one bit.

Jansen brings the latest in nutritional science and whole foods theory to the table. He stays up-to-date on the cutting edge studies while also staying rooted to true, natural, whole foods.

And while most restaurants, cafes or fast-casual chains push out products too quickly in order to follow trends or “fads,” the R&D team at Dr Smood prefers slow, steady, and true.

“It’s a very long and complicated process to create even the “simplest” product, as we basically need to create and conceptualize every single component since we make everything in our own commissary kitchens and cafes. The challenge and integrity of this is unlike anything else I’ve been part of and also what made me want to do this every day,” says Jansen.

Yacabell agrees: “We are putting nature into our containers. For you to take that real life from the sun and I just want you to feel the love that we put into this food and to know that it it’s real and it’s true. We don’t cut any corners. It’s a slow process and we stay true to that.”

Production Team