Have A Smood Day


A high-powered New York City-based marketing manager shares a day in his life running on Dr Smood

From the moment you open your eyes to the second you hit the sheets, the first to the last bite of the day. Your body deserves the best food in the world. And we decided to create just that. Your high performing lifestyle needs fuel that can power you through your day - and push you above what you thought was physically and mentally possible.

NAME: Oliver Sindlev

AGE: 27

OCCUPATION: Marketing Manager

CITY: New York City and Miami, FL

Oliver Sindlev, 27 years old, is the Marketing Manager at the healthiest cafe in the world, Dr Smood. His days start early, and end late at night. Meetings uptown and downtown leave him pressed for time - and definitely no room for cooking.

“I definitely don’t have time to make food for myself, let alone read labels to wonder if what I am eating is actually good or bad for me. And I need food that will give me energy from sunrise to sunset. I was eating so much fast trash and takeout that left me hungry and groggy shortly after I ate it. Dr Smood changed my life both physically and mentally. It’s all-organic performance food that actually sustains me for a physically and mentally demanding job.”


Oliver begins each day at 6:30am with a run.

“It’s my time to unwind before the start of a crazy day,” he says. “I actually run straight to my local Dr Smood to get my AM fix of a cold-pressed Detox Juice 9  and Ginger-Lime Booster to get energized.”

He also loves the superfood filled Chia Puddings for Grab & Go options to bring to the office and enjoys Hot Oatmeal at the cafe during chillier temps.

“The breakfast selections are a great source of dairy-free slow-burn carbs that rev up my energy but keep me happy until lunch.”  


“It’s usually back-to-back meetings at the office or onsite with vendors to discuss campaigns. Sometimes lunch turns into a working lunch, so I definitely need to take this time to recharge and amp up for an equally busy afternoon,” says Oliver.

Oliver’s go-to: DrS satiating Avocado Toast on low-GI Performance Bread with added antibiotic and hormone free turkey as a lean protein option. There’s 59 grams of protein in the turkey, so it’s great after physical activity like a morning run. Oliver pairs it with a cold-pressed Green Juice 5.

“And then I’ll cap it off with some low-acidity, shade grown coffee to-go. I usually take it black, but sometimes when I am feeling like something creamy, I’ll order a dairy-free Cappuccino made with DrS housemade cashew nutmylk.”

When he’s feeling peckish, DrS raw, gluten-free, superfood vegan pastries are always on rotation.

“The Sweet & Salty pastries are one of my favorites - the Brazil nuts keep me satiated and maca powder provides a little boost of energy.”


Since Oliver is at the office later than usual, Dr Smood’s antioxidant-rich, organic superfood salads with tuna and jalapeños add-ons are enjoyed on-the-go in the tranquility of NYC’s Washington Square Park with Cacao Coconut Fudge raw pastry and a sip of cold-pressed green juice.

“I love drinking juice all day, even at dinnertime.”

Marietta Leung