Why Choose Cold-Pressed vs Pressed Juices?


When it comes to your juice, does cold-pressed really matter?

“Should I pay extra for cold-pressed juice?” When it comes to juicing, always go cold-pressed. As you explore the reasons why cold-pressed juice is always better for your health and wallet, you’ll realize anything less is actually a waste of money.

Cold-pressed juice, like what we offer at Dr Smood, is made by using a hydraulic press to extract juice from produce. The produce is chopped up, then gently but firmly squeezed by a press, like a nice massage.  Because the cold-pressed method doesn’t produce as much heat, it keeps more of the nutrients intact and allows fruit flavors to really shine through. It also gives the sipper the maximum benefits of the nutrients in the juice.

Juice via centrifugal method is “forced” out. Juice is chopped up, run through whirling blades, then through a mesh filter to separate the pulp. Because of the high heat of spinning in the juicer, centrifugal juices lose a lot of essential nutrients. Plus, the cell walls of the juice start breaking down soon after juicing; it can’t be stored for long as it is prone rotting and changes in tastes. Centrifugal juice methods range from at-home juicers, to larger commercial machines.


  • Maximum nutrients: Minimal heat is applied in the extraction process, retaining valuable enzymes and vitamins

  • Refreshingly clean flavor: Crisp taste, cold-pressed juice wins most taste tastes

  • Longer shelf life: Nutrients are preserved for an extended period of time

  • Higher yield:  A juice press extracts 20-30% more juice from the same fruits and veggies, creating less waste


  • Breaks down quickly: Centrifugal juices start to separate within minutes of extraction

  • Pulpy and chunky: Juice has high solid content - resulting in a thicker and inconsistent mouthfeel

  • Short shelf life: Must be drank immediately

According to Dr. Etti Ben-Zion, VP of Research & Development and designer of Dr Smood Detox Programs, it’s best to apply pressure with low RPM (revolution per min - less than 80), maintaining cold environment that preserves the nutrients in juices. Other centrifugal juicers use very high RPMs which creates heat which results in rapid oxidation and loss of important nutrients.

Since cold hydraulic press juices are more vital, meaning the fruit and vegetable enzymes are intact and vital, you get a much more potent fresh, alive juice that has longer shelf life (2-3 days) whereas centrifugal juices need to be drank within an hour or so.

And if you’re thinking about detoxing, don’t waste your investment on anything less than cold-pressed cleanse. Detoxing or fasting relieves your body from using energy to digest, freeing up more fuel to heal and detoxify. Cold-pressed juicing methods extract most of the fiber from produce, making it easier to digest than centrifugal juice, and therefore better for cleansing.

All of Dr Smood’s certified organic fruit, green, and detox juices (as well as nut mylks) are cold-pressed, retaining the maximum quantity of nutrients. Plus, they are unpasteurized and oxygen-infused, allowing for greater absorption and retention of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the fruits, vegetable, and superfoods, allow for enhanced healing, and greater energy than other juices.

“Centrifugal or other non cold-pressed juicing methods just destroys the delicate nutrient quality and live enzymes of fruits and vegetables. So if you’re not always choosing cold-pressed, unpasteurized juices, all you’re really drinking at that point is a bottle of sugary water and doing your body and mind zero favors,” says Dr. Etti.

HealthMartha Garza