Dr Smood x Fellow - Thermo Mug (black)


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Main Highlights
Modern Design
Amplify Senses
Ceramic Coating
Preserves Temperature
Cold 24 Hours
Warm 12 Hours
Home Essentials
16 Oz

Dr Smood's Thermo Mug will not let your beverages stray from the perfect temperature for a full 24 hours, plus the ceramic coating enhances flavor and aroma. The wide mouth makes brewing a breeze, plus, it's completely leak proof.

How To Use

I love my thermocup! I use it every day. It's the perfect size for my coffee and it fits right into my cupholder in my car.

How to Use

- Fill this amazing thermocup with your preferred drink. 

- It holds the temperature of both hot and cold beverages. 

- Hot beverages stay warm up to 12 hours and cold beverages stay cold up to 24 hours. 

- All you need to do is unscrew the lid, fill it up and enjoy! 

- Wash it before and after use.