Black Bergamot Tea
Black Bergamot Tea
Black Bergamot Tea
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Black Bergamot Tea


$1.53 per serving


This product has a significant amount of anti-aging properties through antioxidants, polyphenols, healthy fats, etc.



This product has superfoods containing high amounts of nutrients that improve your energy and are required for main body functions.

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15 sachets per container. Each sachet can be used to make up to 3 cups of tea.

Main Highlights
Certified Organic
15 Bags

This rich organic black tea is infused with Italian bergamot, balanced with slightly sweet caramel, and topped with a floral finish. The light natural caffeine from the black tea leaves will make you feel energized and lucid. This is not your typical earl grey tea, rather one of the finest available.


It is no surprise that black tea is one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. It is anti-inflammatory, a huge source of antioxidants, provides immune support, plus has caffeine content right below coffee without the jitters. 


Organic hand-picked Black tea leaves, Italian bergamot and Caramel. 


This is the best black tea I've ever had. Very well balanced and I love that I can reuse the bags for multiple cups.

Why Is This Better?

- Certified Organic

- Premium Blend

- Hand-Picked

- Dehydrated

- Formulated by Tea Alchemist 

- Usable up to 4 Times

Black Tea Leaves, Fujian Province, China

Black tea leaves have been traditionally cultivated for centuries in the Fujian Mountains, where the rarest and finest tea is found. The black and white tea is said to have originated from the Fujian Province. 

How to Use


Boil water to 180 degrees fahrenheit. Leave the tea bag in the water for at least 3 minutes. The individual tea bags can be used up to 3 times (for 3 cups).


The longer you leave the bag in the boiling water, the stronger the flavor will be.