Our ambition is to be the healthiest cafe in the entire world. And to do that, we go beyond. 

What does it mean to go ‘beyond?’ It means we always go further - and never settle for just ‘good.’ It means taking the extra step with each and every item that we create on our certified organic menu. It’s not simply just food to us, but rather performance products (wc) that fit and help support (maximize) your lifestyle and goals. 

We are driven by you. To that end, our performance products are tailored with you in mind. That means if something isn’t good enough or meets our high, rigorous standards (despite the law or label), we won’t stop until we find the optimal solution that does.



When science, nutrition, and flavor meet, it’s way beyond food.

Our food is always certified organic and more. We stay in the lead by offering healthy, inspiring, and tasty non-processed food to our customers and a generation of health conscious consumers without preservatives, hormones, GMOs, additives or pesticides.

It’s based on science, developed by our inhouse team of nutritionists, and rigorously reviewed by or Scientific Advisory Board.

Every single ingredient on our performance menu is carefully selected to contain the highest level of nutrition. Packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, pre- and probiotics, curated by a team of inhouse nutrition doctors for optimal physical and mental performance.

And, it’s brimming with incredible flavor. It’s crafted by one of the best chefs in the world from Michelin-starred kitchens.

It’s way beyond food.



Fresh is great. But why settle for just fresh?

Everything crafted in our kitchens is always fresh - but we take it a step further. We source from the best places on earth, from the islands of Hawaii to the deep seas of Alaska.

Are fresh foods always the healthiest? Not always. We promise to improve your life quality through performance foods that are nutritionally optimized to you. Experience greater energy, improved immunity, optimized cellular functions, deeper mental concentration and even enhanced beauty.

That is why our beyond fresh, science-backed menu is nutritionally optimized by in-house nutrition doctors and our Scientific Advisory Board, a team of the best health experts in the world.

It’s way beyond fresh.



What if you could go beyond healthy?

Healthy foods should support your lifestyle and goals - not limit them. Our menu has been developed to support your needs by using a system mapped to six key Moods: Power, Beauty, Immunity, Detox, Energy, and Health.

Our nutrition team and Scientific Advisory Board has tailor-made each and every certified organic performance product with these Moods in mind to not only maximize the potential of your daily life, but also help you achieve your future goals.

Every day, our team is testing and creating new performance products with you and how you live your lifestyle in mind.

It’s beyond healthy. It’s a lifestyle.



Sometimes, even organic isn’t good enough.

We offer premium, organic performance products at all our cafes, to provide maximum nutrient bioavailability and optimum well-being you can actually feel and see every day. But even some so-called ‘natural’ or organic foods builds up toxins in your body and are depleted from nutrients. So when the label isn’t good enough or meets our high quality standards, we go beyond organic.

Fact: Despite the certified organic label, farmed salmon is still full of toxins. Our wild-pole caught Alaskan salmon and tuna contain powerful nutrients and antioxidants that are lacking or highly reduced in farmed salmon.

That’s why we go beyond organic, all the way to the icy waters of Alaska for our wild, pole-caught salmon.

It’s beyond organic.



Fact: Did you know that non-organic coffee is full of chemicals and preservatives that leach into your body, causing inflammation and disease?

Our shade grown, low-acidity coffee is made with only certified organic beans from the finest growing coffee regions in the world. Organic coffee is higher in antioxidants and guards against disease. Our low-acidity coffee is also suitable for those with digestive issues.

These beans are seasonally sourced for optimal flavor, meticulously roasted in-house, and precision brewed by our award-winning roaster.

We also use the world’s most environmentally-friendly and sustainable roasting technology, which reduces carbon-emissions from the coffee roasting process by 90%.

It’s beyond coffee.



It’s the most bioavailable juice in the world.

The benefits of our oxygen-infused, cold-pressed certified organic juices are nothing short of amazing. The addition of oxygen-infusion and structured water makes nutrients more bioavailable to the body’s cells.

It preserves precious vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Increases endurance and energy. Flavor is locked in and kept fresher for longer due to the preservation of the enzymes.

It’s beyond juice.



The most effective anti-inflammatory beverage in the world.

The benefits of taking turmeric, a healing spice, are many: It reduces inflammation, pain and arthritis, improves brain function, the immune system and helps fight cancer.

Our anti-inflammatory Golden Mylk Latte maximizes turmeric absorption by 2000%. By adding black pepper extract to our turmeric-powered drinks, we are able to drastically increase the absorption of its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s beyond golden.



Sustainably sweet pastries.

We craft our tasty pastries from the pulp of our cold-pressed nut mylks. This sustainable closed looped process yields a super nutritious meal rich with dietary fiber, bioavailable protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Rather than refined sugars, which cause inflammation, chronic disease, and accelerate aging, we use low-glycemic index, natural sugars such as coconut crystals. These give our raw vegan pastries a sweet touch and provide you with sustained energy.

It’s beyond sweet.