Dr Smood Detox Programs allow you to hydrate and nourish yourself back to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It gives your digestive system a chance to rest and recharge while increasing your endurance and energy.

Our cold-pressed, oxygen-infused, and USDA certified organic cleanses are full of live enzymes, bioactive vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients that restore alkalinity and helps neutralize toxic acidity often caused by our modern diets.

Reset with our 3, 5, and 7-day cleanses. Perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cleansers.

Ready to change your life? Ask our staff in-store to select the ideal detox plan for you.




We asked New Orleans beauty Brooks Nader to share her experience on Dr Smood’s 3-day Beginner Detox program. Check out Brooks’ Detox Diary with Dr Smood.

Day 1: “Felt super clean and fresh! I got a little hungry during the day but the nighttime juices kept me alive and satisfied.”

Day 2: “Woke up with tons of energy and my skin was glowing! I was much more energetic during the day and didn’t even need coffee. Love the Ginger Lime Booster.”

Day 3: “Skin was glowing even MORE (thanks Organic Green Juices)! The first two days got rid of all my toxins and I was photoshoot ready! The energy stayed with me even after stopping the detox when it was over.”